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The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) have begun a study to improve North Lake Shore Drive. The study encompasses the area between Grand Avenue and Hollywood Avenue along North Lake Shore Drive. Google map here.

More than one hundred years ago, architect and planner Daniel Burnham inspired Chicago to “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood” and this grand vision inspired the public lakefront and Lake Shore Drive, which we enjoy today. The North Lake Shore Drive Study offers a rare opportunity to continue to enhance North Lake Shore Drive.

The citizens of Chicago and all regional users will have the chance to provide input on how they use the Drive and how we can meet travel demands of all users in the corridor.

Help us redefine North Lake Shore Drive!

Latest News

October 2014

Top 20 Ideas to Redefine the Drive - View the PDF

July 2014

Over 330 people attended the second North Lake Shore Drive public meeting on July 8th, which was held at The Drake Hotel. Members of the public were able to review exhibits, watch a PowerPoint presentation, and sketch ideas on how to improve North Lake Shore Drive. Participants were able to sketch, write or use an online mapping application to convey their thoughts.

Public meeting materials are provided here.

March 2014

The seven NLSD Task Forces met in early February. Each task force group received the same presentation covering the project process, the first round of task force meetings, the draft Problem Statement and the Purpose & Need outline. Participants had an opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Problem Statement in an open discussion format. After the Purpose & Need Statement outline was presented participants were asked to work with a facilitator & note-taker in small previously-assigned breakout groups to provide their input. After the breakout sessions, the note-taker reported out the information from each group. The meeting concluded with an update on next steps and final questions were addressed. To learn more about the Task Forces and review the meeting materials, click here.
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Photo Gallery
  • 1935 – Looking north along Lake Shore Drive at Belmont Avenue
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 1930s – Ohio Street Beach
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 1937– Division Street Pedesrtian Underpass Entrance
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 1942 – Looking south along Lake Shore Drive at Belmont Avenue
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 1945 - Lincoln Park Extension-Waveland Golf Course Looking South
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • Lakefront during the early 20th Century
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 1958 - Lincoln Park Extension-Foster to Hollywood Aerial Looking South
    © Chicago Park District Special Collections

  • 2009 – Aerial view looking west near Navy Pier
    © Photography by Brian Fritz

  • 2009 – Aerial view looking northwest near Montrose Avenue
    © Photography by Brian Fritz

  • 2012 – Looking south from the Passerelle Bridge north of LaSalle Drive

  • 2012 – Looking southeast at Buena Avenue pedestrian underpass

  • 2012 – Looking north along Lakefront Trail at Chicago Avenue

  • 2013 – Northbound Belmont Avenue exit ramp during evening rush hour.

  • 2014 – Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

  • 2014 – Diversy Harbor - On Fullerton Looking North

  • 2014 – Divvy Bike Station - Michigan and Oak

  • 2014 – Lakefront Path at Oak Street Curve looking South

  • 2014 – Looking North from Passerelle Bridge

  • 2014 – Montrose Point Scenic View

  • 2014 – Oak Street Beach Air and Water Show Crowd

  • 2014 – Seagulls on pier near Fullerton

  • 2014 – NB Exit traffic at Irving Park