IDOT CDOT Chicago Park District

Corridor Planning Committee

The Corridor Planning Committee (CPC) consists of representatives from the Project Study Group as well as representatives from the six ward offices (Wards 2, 42, 43, 44, 46, 48), and key stakeholders. Additional members may be added. A maximum of 25 community representatives will comprise the CPC membership. The CPC works in close coordination with the PSG.

The CPC will achieve several study objectives.

  • First, by sharing information about their communities or organizations, the CPC will help the PSG more clearly understand the broader community.

  • The PSG will present detailed information about the study to CPC members on a regular basis, thus allowing the CPC to assist in keeping the broader community informed on the progress of the study.

  • CPC members will then report back with feedback from the groups they represent. In similar fashion the CPC members will feed information from their communities back to the CPC as a whole.