IDOT CDOT Chicago Park District

Project Description

The project extends along North Shore Drive from Grand Avenue to Hollywood Avenue. Much of the infrastructure in this corridor was constructed in the 1930s through the WPA Program. Although the Drive has been repaired and resurfaced many times since initial construction, the bridges and appurtenances have reached the ends of their useful lives, and may warrant complete reconstruction or major rehabilitation.

The proposed project involves improvement of seven miles of the 8-lane Lake Shore Drive boulevard, including the 12 highway junctions. Junctions are those locations where major cross streets intersect Lake Shore Drive and access is allowed to and from the Outer Drive. The project will evaluate the condition of the 22 bridges and tunnels along the Outer Drive as well as the operation of the Inner Drive. To satisfy Complete Streets requirements the study will evaluate mobility and accessibility of non-motorized travel modes along the corridor.

To develop a successful plan to improve the Drive, it will require an extensive outreach program that generates creative community-based ideas that address user needs and respect the values and character of neighborhoods, yet fits within a complex implementation process. Achieving a balance between the original vision of a park boulevard and the realities of today's travel demand will be critical.

Study Area Map

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