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Phase 1 Process

A Phase I Study is an in-depth investigation of improvement alternatives which considers social, economic, environmental, safety, serviceability, and cost factors. It defines the purpose and need for an improvement, and also how to implement the project in a logical and organized manner. Public involvement, environmental analyses and engineering design studies are important components which are balanced to result in an improvement project that is consistent with Federal, State and Local goals and objectives.

Achieving these milestones can only occur after a balance is struck between the needs of the many project stakeholders. These stakeholders can generally be grouped into the Three Components of Project Development, which include:

  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Environmental Analysis & Permitting
  • Project Design Studies

Each component has its own distinct objectives, requirements and processes. The Phase I process is intended to identify them and develop an integrated and balanced approach. The goal of the North Lake Shore Drive Phase I Study is to concurrently navigate the processes associated with each component. This requires a comprehensive and cohesive study to be conducted in a transparent manner that satisfies highway and regulatory agency requirements. In order to facilitate this, the study will include a public outreach program based upon the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). The Phase I Engineering Study process is completed when the project receives Design Approval.